Are There Any Rebates Available for Replacing an Old HVAC System?

Do you want to save money on replacing your home's HVAC system? You may be eligible for a rebate or incentive program that can help you switch to energy-efficient appliances. Modernize can connect you with three or four professionals in your area, so you can compare options and save time and money.All year round, your home's air conditioning system must work properly to maintain a comfortable temperature. But the high level of performance can come at a cost. Fortunately, there are options to help pay the bill.

Across the country, there are different government air conditioning reimbursement and incentive programs aimed at helping homeowners like you achieve efficient housing.Do you qualify for an HVAC rebate? Find out below by exploring links to appropriate government programs. HVAC rebates may also be available for homeowners who switch from electric to natural gas furnaces, air conditioning units, and water heaters. There are certain equipment requirements that must be met in order to obtain reimbursements.This program, which is led by the U. S.

Department of Energy, to promote energy efficiency, offers rebates and special offers depending on the location of the owner. While rebate offers for siding and roofing aren't necessarily plentiful, there are plenty available for heating and cooling elements across the country. Find out if you qualify to save by visiting the Energy Star Rebate Finder.As noted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the federal government offers a number of incentives in exchange for making your home energy efficient. In the past, energy efficient air conditioning systems met the requirements, but over the years, the incentives have become stricter.

Currently, only certain items qualify for IRS energy incentives, including solar-powered real estate and solar water heaters.Homeowners should check with their contractor for more information on projects that are eligible for tax credits. For more information, visit the IRS page on energy incentives. The USDA provides funding to help low-income families get housing, as well as for home repair and maintenance. In the past, heating, air conditioning and cooling systems were included in the department's coverage.Landlords can contact their local representative or the state RD office for more information.

Whether you're ready to start your project now or need expert advice, our network of contractors is here to help. With a few simple questions, we'll find the best local professionals for you.An incentive offered by the U. Department of the Interior and Indian Affairs, this program provides housing repair assistance to eligible American Indian and Alaska Native families. Interested homeowners can apply by completing the BIA 6407 form at the nearest housing office.While you may not be able to get a government refund, your air conditioning provider may have one of their own.

In many cases, product manufacturers will offer their own product reimbursement to contractors. In addition, high-efficiency air conditioning products are sometimes eligible for rebates through local energy suppliers.See the Department of Energy's reimbursement finder for more information. A home improvement loan can help homeowners obtain the funds needed to complete a project without accumulating credit card debt. Of course, there are still things to consider, such as whether your financial stability will allow you to obtain one and the amount of time it will take for the funds to become available.As Modernize noted earlier, this option is beneficial for making large purchases, such as a new air conditioning system, without additional interest, as long as you pay the balance before the introductory rate is due.

Several banks offer different variations of a credit card with a 0% APR. Modernize recommends comparing the duration of the introductory rate and the interest rate that will follow.Depending on where you live, different states, cities, and counties offer incentives or subsidized loans aimed at building maintenance. In Austin, Texas, for example, the local energy company Austin Energy offers a database of discounts and incentives available for energy-efficient air conditioning systems.You can see if your area offers something similar by visiting your local government's website or calling your county office.If you are considering replacing an old or worn-out HVAC system or other important component of your home, you can maximize your tax benefits by distributing the improvements over several tax years.Florida Power and Light commercial customers can get their share of incentives when installing, replacing or upgrading their current HVAC system with certain applicable conditions that you'll need to verify before making your final decision. Be sure to consider the additional cost of these fuel requirements when considering the total cost of replacing your HVAC system.The authority promotes limited-time rebate offers when you replace an old HVAC system in your home.

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