How Long Does It Take to Replace an HVAC System?

If you're looking to switch out both your oven and air conditioning unit, the job will take 8-14 hours. On average, it takes 4 to 8 hours to replace an air conditioner, but this time can differ depending on the size of the unit, your home, the installation location, and the company you hire. If you need to replace ducts or install a full HVAC system, the process will take longer. This is because the technician may have to replace the ducts or rewire the thermostat, and they may come across other issues during installation.

Generally, it takes three to five days to install a full air conditioning system. The time needed for replacement can vary greatly due to a multitude of factors. Installing an air conditioner for the first time can take up to eight hours. During replacement, you'll need to disassemble the old unit and check for any faults in the system before installing the new one.

It's impossible to get an exact estimate of how long it will take to replace your air conditioning unit. However, you can gather information about factors that may affect the replacement process. If you need a simple system change, it will take less time than if you need to replace ducts or install a full system.

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